I was the curator for Social Muscle Club’s series “The Art of the Interaction” in December 2023. Choosing to focus on the theme of ‘Change’, this shaped our performances, structure of the event, set design. Every detail was carefully thought out; from leading with a meditation throughout the space, to a theatrical bizarre life drawing, with partipants engaging and then changing the environment around us, allowing people to play, dance, share.

I curated this event pre, during, and post having an extreme surgery which saved my life. This personal development helped to form the theme for the event, that we continue to change and life continues and can expand in incredible ways when we allow ourselves space to grieve and embrace inevitable and powerful new beginnings.

‚We all move through life in our own beautiful and complicated ways. The object of change is the only constant in our lives, however liberating or uncomfortable. It can be feared and also embraced. Be it location, gender, sexuality, purpose, change helps move us closer to who we are becoming. Join us for the next edition of Social Muscle Club, where we embrace change with sincerity, honesty and community.‘

 Social Muscle Club is a group of international artists who have been working together in different forms since 2012 to change our usual habits of thinking and doing and 'train the social muscle'. The club was founded for everyone in the global village seeking to support each other in a society in which one often feels alone.  The club began in a Berlin living room and was inspired by a documentary about a workers club in Sheffield, England which promised 'entertainment and mutual support'. (‘Menschen von Sheffield’, von Peter Nestler). As a contrast to stress and pressure to a capitalistic, competitive working world, the club offers a self-organised social net. The Berlin founders of Social Muscle Club experienced personally the psychological effects of pressure to succeed, earn money, and fit in society. So they began practicing giving and receiving with friends and colleagues in their living room, in order to support each other. Since 2012 the club has grown exponentially and has reached people internationally in cities such as Chicago, Vienna, Johannesburg, Gold Coast Australia, and Marseille. The club integrates people from different social backgrounds as well as people who normally don't visit or participate in the theatre scene, out of which a growing international network of solidarity has been established.

I have worked as part of Social Muscle Club since 2019, as an artist, facilitator, and now curator.

In collaboration with -   
Curatorial Support: Christine Schmocker 
Guest artists: DJ Lutra Lutra, Demi Anter, Maggie McClain, Zaki Hagins, Zucch and Lee Kern
Stage: Stefan Oppenländer        
Light: Sanja Gergoric
Additionally: Grayson Millwood, Rodrigo Zorzanelli,  Lyla Palmer, Johanna Kolberg, Till Rothmund,
Julian Kraidelman, Jill Emerson, Valerie Renay and Shlomi Moto Wagner 
Photography by Jude Vadée 
Supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Community.
In cooperation with Uferstudios Berlin and the PSR Collective.