In 2022, I founded Trans* Life Drawing Berlin. This is a life drawing series of workshops in which trans* pariticipants are able to draw trans* models.
Creating an inclusive space for all of the trans* community to partake in life drawing, which is a predominantly cisgender heteronormative space. 

TLDB has been created to grow and connect the trans* community, and for us to enjoy gender euphoria, which ultimately improves our sense of self and wellbeing.  It is cathartic  for participants and models alike.

The space cultivates a non-judgemental, creatively free environment to create art in.  This is a project very dear to my heart, and will be running throughout the summer in various locations. 

‘TRANS IN:’ is the first official trans* life drawing series. Celebrating different elements of transness. Pictures shown from ‘TRANS IN: DRAG’ 25 JUN. 

Previous events

Trans Pride Market  - Sonntags Club  
3 April 2022

Queer Trans Liberation Summer Festival
Haus Der Statistik 
19, 25 June 2022
9, 16, 26 July 2022

Das Gift 
18 Oct 2022